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    principle of service: dump I do my best to energy, dedication to the user, the integrity of the world, continued pursuit of customer satisfaction.
    service concept: fast, quasi- , good.
    Dongguan mayor Viagra purification filter has always been the pursuit of customer satisfaction 100%, the establishment of personalized service as the key to win the competition. All service personnel have to undergo rigorous technical training and professional quality training, adhere to "all my best of my ability, dedication to the user, the integrity of the world, continuing the pursuit of customer satisfaction" principle of service.

    Service purpose: to create maximum value for customers
    the direction of our work is not just to meet customer service needs and service satisfaction; more importantly, we want to bring customers through the service such as pleasure, moved, and economic interests more greater value. Let the customer in two aspects of the spiritual and material value-added process, and continuously improve the quality of life.
    objectives: customer satisfaction
    The purpose of our work is not just for customers to be satisfied in the process of product repair services, we pay more attention to customers to buy, use, maintenance, update to the full satisfaction of various needs of the various periods . From the moment a customer to establish contact with us, is to provide customers fully satisfied with the services the beginning, we firmly believe that moment, we have with customers to establish a lifetime trust.
    core concept
    take the initiative - the attitude of our job
    Fast - our operating style
    Precision - the standard of our job
    Moved - our job evaluation
    training services
    by telephone, network, remote, practice a variety of ways, in the sale, sale, sale entire process Changwei user product operation, basic maintenance, machine maintenance job skills, basic fault judgment to resolve class training to meet our customers want to know, Know, should be aware of all knowledge, to enhance the user profitability, and recycling of customer value, and promote the development of machinery industry action.
    consulting services
    through information centers and training, on-site to explain a full range of more than a means to provide a comprehensive and detailed consulting services:
    Policy classes consultation: including the purchase subsidy policy, three bags of policy, consumer protection and other relevant national policies and regulations.
    Sales class consulting: including the sales price of the the Changwei Industrial products, sales methods, sales policy, sales outlets, product technical characteristics.
    Service class consulting: including service policy, service delivery, services, job information.
Accessories Advisory: including the policy of accessories, accessories, price, accessories and buying patterns, accessories, specifications, models.
     value-added services
    in the basis of traditional services, we provide additional following value-added services:
Lifetime Warranty: the coordination warranty, and repair services.
    Information Manager: from purchase to use on a regular basis to remind the user maintenance, extend product life.
    Custom services: customized by providing products of remote fault diagnosis, and information operations support services.