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    consumers to buy the cartridge before you need to know the use of premises for the purchase of cartridge, the cartridge diameter, diameter, cartridge height, clear customer cartridgeinstallation, special features, such as fire prevention, waterproof, anti-static.

    our web site to provide users with a convenient selection of ways:

    first, according to the material selection of the cartridge. Divided into ordinary polyester non-woven cartridge company cartridge according to the needs of customers different levels of filtering material, aluminum coated anti-static cartridge, oil water pollution series cartridge, South Korea, long-fiber spunbond polyester spinning cloth cartridge, Japan's long-fiber spunbond polyester non-woven cartridge.

    second, according to the cartridge structure selection. Our products are divided into general-purpose cartridge in accordance with the different requirements of the installation environment of the cartridge on the cartridge and end caps, quick release cartridge, the cartridge of the inner three holes, outer ear cartridge, plum ear cartridge and so on. Other special end cap of the cartridge I can custom mode.

    If the description is unclear or place in doubt please call our customer service staff will be warm for you! 0769-23625109.