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business philosophy
Quality as the core, in the pursuit of rapid development and market share at the same time, emphasizing the practical and realistic.

corporate purposes
Complete control of the world's leading core technology to provide low-carbon and environmentally friendly solutions for economic development, promote social harmony and progress.

enterprise mission
Each "core" has a long Viagra manufacturing.

concept of talent
Changwei Industries is a stage, the stage is huge, endless, regardless of level, there is no concept of the ladder, she would not restrict people's enthusiasm and creativity. Everyone can do our best to show themselves, self-improvement, self-achievement. Expansion of the company's stage, which means the extension of the individual stage.
Companies adhering to the "Use of Personnel, their talent, Press Gang employer, the theoretical knowledge and practical ability and job match; committed to the improvement of the training system, emphasizing the" Education is the biggest welfare & rdquo ;.
As long Granville Industrial excellent staff should have
◎ right career concept: green low-carbon, long-Wei Industrial as their bounden duty and cited that the proud;
◎ mature professional psychology: win without arrogance, defeat, fair competition, and sharing success;
◎ Excellent professional behavior: classy demeanor, graceful manners; sense of self-management and good etiquette;
◎ superb professional skills: the pursuit of its leading position in the same industry, continuous improvement and self-perfection;
◎ largest professional values: the value of the company, its own rational interests, to achieve a win-win situation of personal and corporate wealth.

service concept
Service the Changwei development lifeline, we are committed to adhere to the principle of utmost good faith, and never harm the interests of customers.