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    Changwei company has specialized in R & D institutions, R & D related to dust cartridge, air filter and filter manufacturing technology, R & D depth coverage of the filter material, filter environmental testing and product development. Dust removal technology is the company's core R & D projects, the cartridge industry is also set up the earliest and largest dust accessories R & D and test for detection of base, commitment the Changwei dust cartridge and independent R & D and innovation task, and continue to recruit technical personnel.
    Technology Center has always been to master the core technology as the main "independent innovation and development as the goal, take the science and sustainable development of the road of independent innovation. Over the years, the Changwei Center followed by dust and the pulse of the dusting product technology development, by virtue of their own with a strong product research, development, integration, and production and marketing capacity, to enter the dust high-tech and core technologies.