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    order to better implement the company's innovative strategies to enhance the capability of independent innovation, a clear strategy of independent innovation, Changwei prepared Dongguan long Wei Industrial Company long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2009 -2019). The Framework is based on the company strategy, product planning, filter technology trends, requirements and environment of the national policies and regulations to guide the preparation of technical five premise, clearly the next decade, scientific and technical guidelines, technology development goals, focusing on three major areas the eight topics of the technical direction of development of 20 key technologies, and plans to 8% of the profits for their own R & D and technological innovation, outline the scientific and technological system, investment in technology and qualified personnel are systematically described.
    The overall objective of:
    "Eleventh Five-Year" and "12 5" 10 years of overall progress of science and technology, promote the rapid development of enterprises to become internationally competitive large enterprises among the domestic top-level filtering company to lay a solid foundation; to "Thirteen," the late, world-class filter manufacturer.
    the key objectives in the field:
Filter technology, clean the area of ​​technology, manufacturing technology
     quantitative targets:
    The number of patents, standard setting to maintain the industry
3 supported by the state, able to the Changwei domestic filter industries need to solve the key technologies leading breakthrough
     outline the overall framework:
    Filter dust removal technology trends Overview
    Group technology strategic guidelines and development goals
    Focus areas and the major issue
        And filter technology
        Purification technology
        Manufacturing technology
    Science and technology system, technology management and incentive policy platform construction
    Investments in technology, various channels to raise the scientific and technological capital
    Strengthen the development of qualified personnel