Selection of the dust cartridge filter area

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    The dust cartridge filter area is the effective area of ​​filter material on the cartridge after the commencement of one side.
    Filter area according to the formula: A = L x 2 x N × M to calculate, where A represents the filter area, units of m2; L on behalf of filter paper folded deep, the unit m; N on behalf of fold number; M for dust cartridge effective height. For example:
    CWSY 3260 commonly used dust cartridge of effective height of the M = 0.6m, folded deep L = 0.04m, the folding number N = 150, then the cartridge filter area A = 0.04 × 2 × 150 × 0.6, calculated the cartridge effective filtration area is 7.2m2.
    The dust collector cartridge filter area, select: imported high dust concentrations in the environment, it is recommended that dust cartridge filter area to choose smaller, making the cartridge cleaning effect is better, the cartridge in the production can reduce the fold number and fold deep to achieve.
    Note: used cartridge in the dust collector cartridge filter and the wind speed 0.6-1.8m/min, of course, the ideal filtration velocity should 0.9m/min here filtration velocity of the gas through the filter the The average speed. If the dust concentration is high, can be considered to reduce the filtration velocity can improve the filtration efficiency of the precipitator, the resistance of the work, thus improving the ventilation performance, longer service life of the cartridge.