CWSY cartridge in a variety of dust collector in supporting the use of

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CWSY CWSY dust cartridge for tobacco, medicine,industry, food processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, casting, such as the dust, material recovery and the use of air filtration.
CWSY dust filter cartridges automatically cleaning dust applications can automatically clean, and do not need to stop the host.
dust filter cartridges automatically cleaning dust vertical mounting structure, dust purifying effect relative to other structure more effective. CWSY dust cartridge surface with a special Teflon coated to ensure the CWSY cartridge than any other cartridge long service life. Dust removal process, when the cartridge surface resistance close to saturation to achieve a certain allowable value, you can automatically open the cleaning function, turn on the cartridge unit separate backflush clean, protect the Dust is always in good working condition.
all CWSY dust filter to provide a choice of different filter media to meet the different nature of the removal of dust or air filter. At the same time CWSY has extensive experience in less than 1 micron dust particle recovery CWSY cartridge containing water, oil composition can effectively filter according to the needs of different working conditions, CWSY to provide fire protection, anti-static cartridge.
CWSY cartridge filter accuracy at the same time has good air permeability.
have a good filter effect on wet and sticky dust.