Dust cartridge blasting machine

Category: Applications Date: 2012-7-5 Source: www.cwlx.cn

    Whether all of the dry sand blasting machines require the use of the cartridge?

    The answer is not necessarily in industrial applications, we can find a lot of dry sand blasting machines use the filter cloth bag to achieve the purpose of dust filtration efficiency of the filter bag, because of filter area relatively dust cartridge is much smaller, the windward side of the wind speed is relatively large, the filter efficiency is lower. Secondly, up from the filter material, dust cartridge is generally used in polyester fibers, this material is better than ordinary cloth dust bag costs than dust cartridge is much lower environmental performance of dust cartridge. The general filter is used in high-grade sand blasting machine, dust bag is generally used in the lower configuration of dry sand blasting machine.

    Liquid sandblasting machine Why do not need to use the dust cartridge?

    Liquid sandblasting machine, by definition, in a blasting operation does not produce dust, without the use of dust cartridge.

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