Smelting of copper melting furnace dust cartridge use cases

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initial conditions

did not use a special filter, the level of emissions 250mg/Nm 3 . Things the government has issued a new lower emissions standards, Dongguan, a copper melting smelter for help to the long-FILTERS CO., LTD. According to the requirements of the emissions level is lower than 2.5mg/Nm Changwei filters to select the membrane filter media, dust cartridge, taking into account the sulfur by-products generated in the production process used with CWSY efficient extruded PTFE 16 oz vinyl film PPS needle felt, the efficiency provided by the film.



design air flow


air to cloth ratio


entrance dust concentrations


export emissions


particle size




77860m 3 /h




250mg/Nm 3


2mg/Nm 3


<1 micron


149 ° C


successful example

In September 2009, the plant install a 1024 diameter of 146mm, a length of 3658mm the cartridge. Shortly after installation, due to lack of insulation layer resulting in the flue gas temperature is less than 149 degrees Celsius, the results of water vapor condensation within each cartridge, however, the intensity of the cartridge without the slightest loss, and always maintained a surprising performance. Use of CWSY membrane filter media to ensure that the response system from normal working conditions. After installation of the insulation layer, the operation of the system air flow is 77860m 3 /h, and the pressure drop of less than 154mm water column, the export emissions less than 2mg/Nm 3 .


case summary

CWSY coated dust cartridge work early wet tide phenomenon, but it has been working for two years, and still meet emission standards. Since installed the CWSY coated bag did not happen the event of the temporary cut-off.