We have been trying to extend the life of the cartridge

Category: Company News Date: 2012-7-5 Source: www.cwlx.cn

    My hometown in rural Hunan, remember to school time, summer vacation each year must go home to engage in "Robbery and Snatching" pick millet is the most common thing, a whole basketful of millet poured into a one-time storage cabinets, this looks likea dusty working conditions - in fact, a dust collector in Dongguan Wan Jiang, every 36 hours, dust cartridge dust load reached 4536Kg. The plant around the clock to run, but may not stop and replace the dust filter cartridge, while the impact on production operations. When the maintenance manager to seek to have a longer life and higher filtration efficiency of the cartridge, he found that the use of the the Changwei CWSY polyester fibers coated cartridge can solve this problem.
    Only 4300 hours (about 6 months), the use of the traditional 16 oz cartridge, pressure drop run up to 1500Pa. Now to have CWSY polyester fibers coated cartridge dust collector has run 14,000 hours (18 months), but have not replaced the cartridge. Action before the dust collector pulse cleaning system, the pressure drop began 250Pa rise 875Pa after cleaning action almost immediately dropped to 250Pa.
    With its smaller fiber gap, uniform pore size, CWSY filter media is very efficient. This relies on a unique hydraulic woven manufacturing processes, so that the dust has remained at the surface of the cartridge. Precipitator automatic cleaning system action will be completely cleaned off the dust. Precipitator dust emissions to 30% reduction in assembly of the conventional 16-ounce polyester filter bags, and longer life.
    In fact, we have been working on the subject of how to extend the service life of dust cartridge, the news is not the end of 2011, we have made a little achievement.