The Changwei new filter media for cartridge dust

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widely used cartridge, the dust cartridge surface pores, uneven distribution, dust embedded in the fabric, making the cartridge filter reduced efficiency and reduce dust filter service life. View of this situation, Changwei studied for five years, invented a new type of filter-ChangN-2012 filter, the filter uses a unique hydraulic-woven manufacturing processes - water mixed fabric fibers, making the :
· Material is more uniform, smaller pores;
· Media surface dust loading capacity more to prevent dust penetration into the filter media;
· Improved pulse filtration effectiveness and pressure drop lower;
And dust cartridge life changed 2-3 times longer, and higher value.


the process principles, as well as the internal structure of
Compared with the standard polyester fiber dust cartridge ChangN-2012 media due to the unique pressure processing, water mixed fabric fibers, so the pores of the filter bags evenly and small. The following photos are taken using the scanning electron microscope is Precipitator fly ash filter cartridge media surface. Dust cartridge replacement after the 3600 child. The pressure drop of the standard polyester media dust cartridge 152mm water column ChangN-2012 medium dust cartridge pressure drop of only 51mm water column.

ChangN-2012 dust cartridge ------- clean air measured

Polyester fiber dust cartridge ------- clean air measured

ChangN-2012 dust cartridge can prevent dust penetration into the filter media can be seen from the above photo. In order to better improve the pulse cleaning effect, making the voltage drop lower. In practical applications, we found that ChangN-2012 cartridge than ordinary polyester fiber cartridge superiority is more obvious, following us as compared to their respective application data in the tobacco field.

in the tobacco field applications, the scene to conduct the following test: 2 sets of the same precipitator applied to the same process, one equipped with 60 standard polyester media filter, and the other a computer with 48 ChangN-2012 cartridge filter area is less than the standard polyester media ChangN-2012 cartridge pressure drop is still less than the standard polyester cartridge. ChangN-2012 cartridges have the following characteristics:
Longer filter bag life:
- In test 1, under the same operating environment, the same pressure drop from the horizontal to see the same number of cartridges, ChangN-2012 have a longer cartridge life ChangN-2012 cartridge pressure drop stabilized at 80mm water column below the standard cartridge pressure drop increased to 115mm water column. Running 2500 hours of standard cartridge, the pressure drop up to 75mm water column, ChangN-2012 cartridge run 4000 hours, the pressure drop will be up to 75mm water column.
Lower pressure drop:
From the vertical - in the two tests, the pressure drop of ChangN-2012 are lower. In the first test, the same filter area, the pressure drop of ChangN-2012 is lower than nearly 30% of the standard polyester cartridge.
Smaller size:
In the 2nd test, equipped with dust collector ChangN-2012 in a smaller situation (filter area 20%), run the pressure drop is still lower than with standard poly ester cartridge filter.
Lower emissions:
Equipped with ChangN-2012 cartridge dust collector emissions of less than 4mg /m 3 in the test.


the application

ChangN-2012 cartridge income
Use ChangN-2012 media filter tube, users no longer need frequent replacement of the dust cartridge, thus saving labor costs and dust cartridge replacement costs, but also to reduce the cut-off times.
(2) the unique ChangN-2012 media technologies in the dust the surface of the cartridge trapping dust, so dust pulse is easy to clean off, reducing the pressure drop and considerable annual electricity savings.