PTFE membrane cartridge for aluminum recycling

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2008 years, Guangzhou aluminum plant need to address the aluminum dust to escape and the violation of the emission from the recovery tank online. An OEM manufacturer designed the realization of regional ventilation flow rate of 33000 ft /min (56100 m /hour) pulse jet filter dust collector. Clear vision trouble and improve the emissions of the plant, the concentration at 0.002 Green /cubic feet (5 mg /Nm 3 ) following the manufacturers choose 16 ounces covered with extruded PTFE film of the polyester filter, the Changwei Industry (CWSY) to provide high efficiency thin film polyester needle felt filter.


the conditions


run air flow


33000ft3/min (56100 m 3 /hour)


air to cloth ratio


3.5:1 ft /min (1.07 m /min)


entrance dust concentrations


4 Green /cubic foot (10 g /Nm 3 )


precipitator type


Pulse Jet


filter length of


100 inches (2540mm)


filter diameter


6 inches (φ152mm)



success stories

CWSY film dust filter in the governance of visible dust CWSY also protect the filter material integrity of the underlying, allows to increase the ventilation flow conditions at a lower pressure drop. In addition, the long-Wei Industrial plant greatly reduces the maintenance lead to the cut-off, while increasing production.



The high efficiency thin film of

CWSY polyester needle felt filter is the first choice to solve a series of pollution control issues. Extruded PTFE film provides many of the advantages of the filter surface, making it the best practical filtering technology on the market today.