CWSY coated cartridge in the coal industry

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real case column

in June 2011, Shanxi, a coal-fired enterprises due to the use of inefficient 280g conventional fiberglass bag, resulting in sulfur emissions do not meet the provisions of the relevant departments of the State is punishable by heavy fines. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise through the network to find a long Viagra, after we learned the details, providing the solution to the problem: CWSY efficient coated dust cartridge to replace the conventional bag. Since the result is still in use since August last year: use CWSY coated materials not only been successful in reducing sulfur emissions, and successfully avoided the expensive tickets of the relevant departments.

the conditions


run air flow


200,000 ft 3 /min (340,000 m 3 /hour)


the filtration rate


0.49 m /min


pressure drop


<6 inches water column

            the highest temperature of the



550 0F (288 ℃)


cartridge filter type


air blowback

            the number of cartridges in





CWSY cartridge use

in the use of during the cwsy coated cartridge, its performance is far beyond the expected. Sulfur emissions down to the relevant department under the following standard values ​​for the coal-fired save a lot of fines. Further, the cartridge not only improve the level of filtering, but also extend the cleaning cycle, thereby increasing the service life of the cartridge. The original baghouse design pressure 6.5 in. water column backflush, backflush reduced to three inches of water after the cleaning cycle for 3-4 hours. Cwsy cartridge is installed, set up in six inches of water cleaning can be reduced to 1.6 inches of water column, the cleaning cycle may be extended to 12-14 hours. Therefore, to avoid high fines, but also reduces operating costs.


CWSY cartridges meet or exceed the current particulate matter emission standards of the relevant departments of the State requirements. In addition, the membrane filter media with low pressure drop, high air flow and operating costs and other characteristics. Extruded PTFE film provides many of the advantages of the filter surface, which makes it today's domestic filter material on the market the most effective control technology. The Changwei cartridge so much users of all ages.