The Changwei been committed to reducing the number of cartridge replacement

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    Changwei engaged in the production and sales of the cartridge 10 years, you use the cartridge to the many problems we encountered various problems in production, but we always beyond the will of ordinary people for years, adhere to innovation, adhere to the we save you the cost. We have experienced, but also to overcome, we will cartridge use some of the problems to share, for those who need a reference, this is a long Viagra can do, so I wrote the following side article.
    Cartridge replacement more frequently, why is this? Cause analysis and recommendations:
    (A) whether you use the original cartridge? Or would you use a lower price and dealer claimed that the filtration efficiency can be the same of the original alternative cartridge? If you use half the price to purchase the alternative cartridge, but life is only the original factory cartridge half or one-third of the time, this does not really reduce operating costs. We recommend that you go back to the original cartridge to verify that the original life of the cartridge.
    (B) whether you will be operating production equipment increase in the number of shift work from one shift per day to two shifts a day? Double the working time will lead to a double increase in the number of replacement cartridge. If you want to reduce the number of times to change the cartridges, and advised them to acquire additional oil mist filter according to actual usage, redistribution of original oil mist filtration system air volume.
    (C) whether the operation of the production equipment number of shift work changed to three shifts a day? Most rely on gravity as the form of droplets emission of oil mist filter is not designed to three shifts a day (continuous mode), unless the entire oil mist filtration system it is taking into account the design of continuous work usage; in the case of continuous work, the oil mist filter was originally marked to handle the air flow will be reduced by about 33-50%, please contact the Applications Engineer.
    (D) whether the cooling fluid on the production equipment from a water-soluble oil to cutting oil? Use cutting oil high heat generated by equipment or high-speed operation of the equipment, such as coupled with the cutting oil output pressure exceeds 800 psi (55 bar), produced by the mist particle size than the water-soluble oil fine. Finer mist particles take longer to coagulate into larger droplets, With the weight of the large droplets can be attached to the gravity drain away from the cartridge down, so there will be more fine mist particles long time to load on the cartridge, resulting in higher pressure drop. Such a small mist particles have the opportunity to sneak the final filter (HEPA) through the main cartridge, and less short of its useful life. Recommend that you reduce the amount of wind to the original 75% to improve the number of replacement cartridge; such as the face of congestion can switch to a 95% DOP filter of to replace the HEPA filter. If your original is the use of cutting oil coolant, we need to understand the output pressure of the coolant has increased? Because the increase in pressure will produce a finer mist particles, and these small mist particles long time to load on the cartridge saturation level will be higher than the original cartridge, so take longer time of discharge of oil. Effective arrangements for the longest downtime in the equipment of programming cartridge oil discharge in order to improve the service life of the cartridge.
    (E) whether the cooling fluid on the production equipment by cutting oil to the water-soluble oil? Some water-soluble oil containing up to 20% paraffin wax ingredients, part of the water in the cooling process, evaporation, the remaining paraffin filter tube fibers cumulative growth and shorten its useful life. Effective arrangements in devices programmed to shut down, in order to reduce the inhalation of clean air away moisture remaining in the cartridge on a water-soluble oil and oil mist filter.
    (F) you are cutting metal or alloy materials, whether in the past? More hard materials, the higher the heat generated in the cutting, resulting in a finer mist particles generated. Air volume is reduced to the original 75% to improve the number of replacement cartridge, switch to the 95% DOP filters instead of HEPA filters in case of congestion, and effective arrangements for the longest downtime cartridge oil discharge, in order to improve the service life of the cartridge.