Cutting and welding solutions with dust cartridge

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    The Changwei Industrial As a leading air filtration technology vendors, continuous R & D and always provide superior products and system services. The surface of the filter media, post-processing will greatly affect the use of performance and service life of filter parts. Changwei Industrial CWNM nano-fiber surface coating filter surface treatment of a major innovation, it has been advanced filtration technologies and products to make an indelible contribution to the stable production and energy saving.

    Application testing that CWNM nano-fiber filter long-running low resistance and high filtration efficiency (0.2 - 0.5μm dust particle size of up to 99.999%). CWNM nano-fiber filter surface filter material, with its cartridge filter made of accuracy, easy cleaning, the initial resistance and the running resistance is low and stable, can greatly improve the soot handling capacity, so widely used in welding and cutting process filter to collect dust generated, and the effective protection of the host device, improve the working environment, the escort for high and stable yield.

    Cutting the characteristics of the conditions for the metal welding and plasma (or laser), usually chosen CWSY R & D and manufacturing CWNM retardant filter, the filter is made by the pleated cartridge. CFO Shen flow filter to apply this cartridge will get cleaner air, longer life and lower operating costs. Under the same operating conditions, the filter CWNM the initial filtration efficiency greater than the general filter 10 times. In the the precipitator cycle cleaning, surface load to eliminate premature clogging of the cartridge, and then promote this filter self-cleaning ability.

    Most of the filter surface treatment to improve filtering accuracy and improve the cleaning effect, reduce the running resistance but will not fundamentally change the physical and chemical properties as a basis for media, and still take full account of the filter itself, working conditions in the choice of filter adaptive characteristics.

    The Changwei Industrial welding and cutting machine supporting the CFO Shen flow one dust collector is installed next to the rail side of the cutting machine. Dust duct duct leads from the rail trench to connect the dust collector, dust collector between the cutting machine equipped with a set of air volume control valve. Start and stop of the fan is controlled by remote control cable and CNC plasma (or laser) cutting machine system linkage device in order to make the fan start-up and reliable operation, configuration buck starts. This device has a smooth start, overheating overload, delay and control the function of the cleaning system of action.

    CFO Shen flow filter works more in line with the law of the dust content of flue gas flow and deposition of dust natural, dust with the wind machine generated negative pressure airflow through the pipe into the dust chamber, CWNM retardant cartridge filter separation is blocked on its surface cartridge the pressure difference inside and outside, when the dust blocked continuously deposited in the cartridge surface, while continuing to increase, the pressure reaches the preset value, the compressed air control solenoid valve is open, compressed air through the pipe inflow backflush cleaning system, by sweeping the injection tube instantly spit the cartridge surface, dust particles deposited on the cartridge on the role of the high pressure air from the surface to fall into the ash hopper. Harmless purified air escaping from the duct.

    The dust generated when cutting will affect the control system of CNC cutting machine and other electronic components reliability long Granville Industrial Torit Shen flow dust collector, CNC cutting machine users truly benefit from the useful life of equipment extended product quality protection and improvement of working conditions and environment, to prevent the cutting dust and exhaust damage on the human body.

    Polluting soot particles generated in the metal during the welding process is very small particle size of 0.38 micron metal dust is easy to float deposition in the surrounding environment, not only will the welding equipment and other electrical equipment, electronic components such as defacement , but also pollute the working environment, harmful gases and fumes of these metals and welding elements under high temperature will harm the health of employees. Long Granville Industrial filter and its Torit dust collector, cutting and welding fumes governance has a lot of successful experience and case studies to follow to achieve a multiplier effect.

    Recommends that users Changwei Industrial Advisory correct cartridge that matches your model, as well as equipment, reliable and cost-effective compared to achieve the best goal of the industrial production.