Dust cartridge filter selection criteria

Category: Applications Date: 2012-3-24 Source: www.cwlx.cn

    The dust cartridge material selection should consider the following:
    First, consider the dust is combustible or flammable. Combustible dust, combustible dust, they should consider the use CWSY retardant fireproof material of the cartridge, or use anti-static filter cartridge to prevent static electricity arcing produce an explosion.
    Secondly, the consideration of the cartridge working environment humidity. If the ambient humidity is likely to cause dust to absorb moisture, then consider choosing a waterproof filter.
    Third, the consideration of dust nature. Dust containing the grease composition, may consider using the CWSY production of oil pollution prevention series filter cartridge; if heavy metals, silica dust to harm human health, it must be selective surface filter material, such as long-Wei coated filter or Japan and South Korea import filter, with a high filtration precision, small resistance, easy cleaning, and stable operation.
    Fourth, the system may bring sparks should be used in the filter with a fire-retardant features such material cartridge with fire safety features, when the cartridge to avoid burning (in the process of welding smoke Particular attention should be ).
    Fifth, the dust concentration, and consider the filtration velocity. If imports of low dust concentration, the filtration velocity is too small (such as atmospheric dust, welding smoke treatment), can be considered to select, ≤ 180g/M2 thin filter, which will help to increase the filter area, improve the individual cartridge flow .
    Sixth, the ambient temperature is taken into account. Based on the polyester fiber filter working environment temperature should be ≤ 135 ° C, but the polyester non-woven work in temperatures of 80 ℃ ~ 135 ℃, the stiffness will be reduced significantly, making the folded filter is easy to paste together, and thus the permeability of filter cloth is greatly reduced. In such cases, the Changwei CWSY series dust cartridge filter will take some special measures, and the cloth folded away to maintain a uniform, good air permeability.