The Changwei dust cartridge only to meet more demand!

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    In early 2011, Changwei Purification Filter Co., Ltd. launched new CWSYCore alternative to traditional polyester fiber dust cartridge, the first 300,000 Avon orders in Guangzhou in May the same year, and has been successfully delivered to customers, which isCWSYCore laid a solid foundation for the smooth promotion in Guangdong and other regions of the country. In early 2012, in order to further consolidate and develop new markets, Changwei mainland sales director Mr. Chen Haijiao went to Guangzhou and Shanghai, for Avon, Guangzhou, Shanghai Building Materials and Design Institute and Chinese wild CCID opened three filtering technology exchange, described in detail range of applications of CWSYCore dust cartridge dust cartridge technology features and unique advantages, the practical problems raised by the customer site a mistake. The exchange responded enthusiastically, and CWSYCore won the praise and recognition of the participants.

    Participating site, our market research statistics of several key data, and obtained 95.6% of the customers to rest assured that our dust cartridge products, willingness to order, mainly due to: Changwei dust cartridge solution its problems in production, followed by dust cartridge Changwei efficient and stable indirectly reduce the overall cost of production. 4.4%, although the Changwei dust cartridge than the imported price some advantages, but involves a 0.03-micron level filtration, dust long Viagra cartridge still and Japan imported the high-precision filter dust cartridge, compared with Donaldson, there are some gaps.

    Perhaps many people think that domestic dust cartridges and import dust cartridge In comparison, a common problem, but Changwei never for their own looking for any excuse, the gap is the gap, we recognize the gap, we do not give up chasing we try to meet the needs of more users, we hope that is 100%, do not have to wait until 2012, maybe this year!

    Changwei dust filter cartridges to meet more demand!