CWSY dust cartridge in the PVC resin manufacturing industry

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basic situation

Daojiao Town in the manufacturing capital of the world, Dongguan, a professional manufacturer of R & D PVC resin manufacturers have been seeking to increase the second filtering process yield. Thus, in the beginning of 2010, the manufacturers try to use acrylic coated polyester bag, which can yield a modest increase, however, the rate of increase is so small that can not make up for the expensive cost, the company decided to seek other filter options , so through the network channels, easily find us (Dongguan mayor Viagra purification filter). Through communication, we learned that the vendor filter program would like the status quo:


pressure drop


<127 mmH2O


air to cloth ratio


5.2:1 ft / min (1.59 m / min)


minimum temperature


49 ℃


maximum temperature


98 ℃


bag length


1930 mm


bag width


1143 mm



understand the situation, the manufacturer of PVC resin Changwei independent research and development of coated polyester fiber dust cartridge instead of the acrylic-coated polyester filter dust cartridge ventilation increased by 30%, and production is also increased. Facts have proved that the life of the the Changwei coated dust cartridge is twice the life of the original bag.

Changwei an office in Changsha but also for the local PVC manufacturers dust cartridge of 48 CWKC-600. After two years of operation, the plant manager told us: the Changwei dust cartridge not only increases yield but also reduced maintenance due to downtime, far beyond the expectations of the manufacturer.

major factories in the face of a series of pollution control problems Changwei film is the preferred filter. Extruded PTFE film to provide a surface filtering method, which makes the the Changwei production of dust cartridge, powder filter as the best practical filtering solution on the market today.