Changwei ultrafiltration-SuperFilter

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    The Changwei Industrial Super filter SuperFilter is a dust cartridge filter technology leader.

    The ultrafiltration SuperFilter is a technology-driven project team. Has been set up in 2006, the ultrafiltration SuperFilter accumulated a wealth of professional cartridge design and manufacturing experience, can provide customers with solutions and advanced technical means of powder and air cleaning system. Long Viagra SuperFilter for the different customer needs free technical advice, project planning. At the same time, the long Viagra Super filter along with the full range of services within the design life of the entire cartridge and dust removal program.

    May 15, 2012, SuperFilter project team released a new powder filter cartridge, HEPA air filter.

    The new powder filter cartridge uses an innovative high-performance filter material, the lower pressure loss, high rejection rate (significant savings in energy costs), low carbon dioxide emissions, in order to provide users with the choice of more applications, this section powder filter cartridge designed three different filter levels, they are: fine filtration, microfiltration, Advanced Micro filtration (data details, please contact Changwei sales department to ask for). The same time, the Changwei SuperFilter project team developed for the free workshop and clean room with a new HEPA air filter, more filter sites to provide product solutions.