The Changwei Super cartridge filtration systems used in turbine

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    As an important component of the turbine, inlet air filter cartridge system's useful life should not be too long, it may need to renovate or modify, in order to obtain better performance, making it a more efficient design system. The Changwei cartridge filtration system conversion, modification and upgrade team would like to discuss your specific needs and found the best solution.
    Looking for a new cartridge system to transform the older or refurbished turbine house is not one like the look so simple. The Changwei filter filtration system design time and pricing standards will make it easier. Next, we will step by step guide you to learn a new super cartridge filter system.
    Changwei ultrafiltration cartridge faster and easier to enhance the filtration efficiency of the system, the Changwei ultrafiltration cartridge according to demand design a variety of filter level, with a reasonable use in order to reduce the burden on the next filtration system, improve the use of filter life expectancy. Changwei ultrafiltration filter, the long Viagra filter with efficiency of 95% to 99.9999%, according to the filter, the system volume, airflow.
    Upgrade of the filtration system, air inlet system will need to install a better cartridge if the cartridge you are using does not have any improvement in the efficiency of the previously used, you can choose the better system performance, only a simple change: choose better the cartridge, this cartridge you can choose long-Wei, the cost is low and the results are obvious.