The Changwei dust cartridge to create the perfect powder filter

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    Lift the air filter, and the industry people will think long Viagra, Changwei dust cartridge gives the impression of precision, durability. Changwei has been committed to improve cartridge filtration efficiency and service life, both in the production process or filter selection Changwei always excellence, the pursuit of manufacturing users favorite cartridge.

    Changwei originally imported from Japan filter learn from Donaldson cartridge excellent technology, and integrated its advanced round cartridge research and development experience, has been Changwei unique CWSY dust cartridge and powder filter solution.

    Changwei domestic air filtration and dust cartridge manufacturing industry's most innovative and persistent pursuit of the perfect leader since its establishment 12 years, always adhere to the study of air filtration technology innovation has now become with independent intellectual property rights, the leading domestic dust cartridge manufacturer.

    Changwei cartridge excellent quality stems from its tireless efforts and a wealth of experience. Rely on the professional quality of employees and dedication, it continues to market the anti-oil water cartridges, fire cartridge, anti-static cartridge as well as other special occasions with a dust filter cartridges to meet the various needs of users, and lead the entire the technical development of the industry. Changwei cartridge on behalf of innovative, efficient and reliable, and efficient and perfect filtering solution.

    CWSY precision dust cartridge Changwei purifying's flagship product, Filter Co., Ltd manufacture and sale of cartridge series. CWSY cartridge adhering to the the Changwei sophisticated design, the filter performance, making the the Cikuan cartridge powder air filtration market in terms of filtration efficiency, service life champion. CWSY the birth of 12 years, nearly ten million cartridge into the production equipment of the large state-owned and private enterprises.

    Although air filtration products in the market, Changwei select only air cleaning cartridge, focus on the dust in the air filtering technology. Alibaba in an interview in Shanghai in 2012 painting equipment exhibition site, the the Changwei business manager Chen Haijiao said, "Our cartridges are the higher-end products, we hope to provide full-service cartridge products and filtration solutions. We do not seek quick success the hope that customers can understand the full range of our cartridge, fully interactive with customers to create win-win situation. allows users to buy satisfaction, must be assured. "