Powder filter cartridge maintenance and solutions

Category: Industry News Date: 2012-7-5 Source: www.cwlx.cn

    Powder filter cartridge air compressors, industrial dust removal equipment, one of the key components of the engine intake and exhaust systems of internal combustion engines. Its main role is the engine, air compressor and work environment to provide clean air, to ensure its normal work, reduce wear and extend the life of clean air environment, improve the quality of the work environment to reduce personal harm.

    Powder filter cartridge after a period of time, the cartridge filter surface there is a lot of dust particles suspended solids and other impurities, and there is a certain amount of impurities are retained in the filter paper within the fibrous tissue. Resulting in resistance increases the intake and exhaust into the exhaust to reduce fuel combustion is not sufficient, increased fuel consumption, power loss. Resulting in "black smoke" of internal combustion power equipment emitting serious pollution of the environment, industrial dust removal equipment efficiency and reduce environmental degradation in factory and danger to personal health.

    Maintenance of the powder filter cartridge traditional cartridge internal pressure air from blowing out, remove the filter paper surface impurities, reducing intake resistance. However, this method is just a routine maintenance, and can not completely remove impurities in the powder filter cartridge filter surface and internal fibrous tissue, and likely to cause secondary pollution of the air.

    Need a scientific and effective maintenance of a thorough maintenance on the powder filter cartridge clean-up. The use of performance of the maintenance of clean powder filter cartridge restored to 98% of new products, namely the best use of state of the powder filter cartridge.

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