The Changwei For the relentless pursuit of high-quality dust filter

Category: Industry News Date: 2012-7-5 Source:

    Quality of the the Changwei dust cartridge has been with the rapid development of industrial society by enterprises of all ages, the application of dust cartridge is not just solve the problem of air pollution emissions, and for the recycling of resources is another superior efficacy.

    Dust removal system, powder recovery systems require the most excellent filter performance, the Changwei the dust cartridge than similar products on the market, better performance in life and filtration efficiency. New processing technology, innovative manufacturing processes and a complete product range of inputs, so long Viagra cartridge is the best choice for air filtration.

    Among them, the powder recovery system commonly used cartridge Changwei's best-selling, most mature technology products. The company always adhere to technological innovation, the introduction of high-grade filter media in Japan, South Korea, and in-depth study of a large number of human and financial resources invested in the production process, and strive to the best filtration efficiency and service life to ensure product quality and industry-leading.