My heart Changwei

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    I was the of Changwei Industrial R & D department, a structural engineering staff, I frequently travel on the production floor, and occasionally to follow the business placing the customer, the immediate listen to the voice of the customer is a very important part of my work, I like this job, Ilove my job!
    Ten years ago, I am very fortunate to become one of the production sector Changwei do some simple the cartridge origami work, and in the meantime, I have a more long Gateway's cartridge into the layer of understanding. I just know a dust cartridge factory nearby, and occasionally preach from the newspapers and friends know that some of the "long failure" message, know Changwei the great achievements of the air filter. And now, through the the Changwei Industrial vital experience, is more feel the Changwei Industry is not just a cartridge manufacturing companies, is a big family full of human touch, where not only the extraordinary R & D capabilities, a variety of air cartridge, cartridge dust, but also has a united and harmonious, efficient work team, work here, people can enhance their ability in a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere for young people in urgent need to upgrade their skills is a good place to exercise.