HR cartridge filter matching a ChangWei dust cartridge

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an Overview

dust collector

efficient sink-flow filter dust collector HR company uses the latest German technology and are equipped with the the Changwei latest developed a new generation of efficient dust filter, with a compact, small footprint, easy maintenance and other significant advantages. Model HR4-32, the dust removal efficiency of 99.5%, emission ≤ 50mg/m3 superior to the emission standards of GB16297-1996 (120mg/m3) has the following advantages:

· HR4-32 filter dust collector to achieve high space utilization

filter elements filter of Changwei company folded in the form layout filter, the filter area with its share of the volume ratio of 30-40 times that of traditional bag, up to 300 square meters / cubic. The use of filter precipitator structure more compact, and greatly reduce the the precipitator footprint and space.

energy efficiency, filter and long service life

filter dust collector because the density of the filter arrangement can have a large filter area in a smaller volume, thus reducing the filtration rate, to reduce the resistance of the system, reduce operating costs, energy conservation. The low filter speed also reduces the destructive erosion of the air filter media to extend filter life.

easy to use, maintain a small amount of work

overall filter fixed better than the traditional bag of soft, easy to transport, installation and maintenance, one person can easily removable, greatly reducing the maintenance workload.

filter regeneration performance

pulse, vibration, or reverse airflow cleaning, can easily make the filter regeneration, the cleaning effect. Cartridge filter dust removal technology is a new generation product of the dust bag filter technology of the twenty-first century. Dust emission concentration of the field work environment in line with national environmental requirements.

two HR filter dust collector works

dust collector

1. normal operation

In normal operation, the dusty air through the top of the entrance into the HR-type dust collector, and then down through the filter by the dispersion of the deflector, dust is blocking the filter outside the surface, the clean air filtered by the filter center into the clean air chamber and discharged through the outlet pipe.


filter cleaning

filter can be automatically and continuously cleaning, in any one given time only one group (2) filter for offline cleaning. In the filter cleaning process, the pulse controller connected to the power of an electromagnetic pulse valve, the diaphragm valve to emit pulsed high-pressure air, high pressure air through the filter from the inside out, will be attached to the filter outside surface on the dust to remove dust particles fall into the dust bucket, and then enter a set of gray barrel.

compressed air pressure is preferably adjusted to 6kg/cm2 6kg/cm2-7kg/cm2 compressed air pressure is the most standard settings to meet the cleaning function requirements. The smaller the compressed air pressure settings, the smaller the air consumption of the pulse valve. Pulse jet control device is generally adjustable to every two minutes cleaning a filter every two minutes, that is connected to a pulse valve to increase the energy of cleaning, you can increase the pressure of compressed air, but should not exceed 7kg/cm2.

Third, the structure Introduction

1. basic configuration

1 Taiwan HR4-32 Cartridge dust collector (model meaning as the filter is set to 4 rows, the total number of 32 filter) air inlet can be shown in the figure set in side, also can be set at the top, the outlet can be shown in the figure set in the lower part of the clean air chamber can also be set in the side or top surface of the clean air chamber.

HR equipment for general per only filter air volume of 700 cubic meters / hour, but in the ultra-fine dust as well as higher concentration of dust entrance should be appropriate to increase the number of filter , when necessary, should set the two dust to make some of the larger particles of dust first settlement. Filter rigidity with water repellent properties, its filtration area of ​​10 square meters

HR adoption the Changwei variety of import and domestic media Seiko production of dust filter, with a small aperture, permeability to large, smooth surface, excellent water and oil repellency, and resistance filter area, the use of international advanced folding curing process, cover and retaining net rust-proof, excellent corrosion resistance thicker high-quality electrical panels and seal with low hardness, high strength, closed-cell foam rubber imports epoxy glue to avoid completely unglued and cracking phenomena.

2. filter dust collector technical parameters


serial number








filter size


Φ360 × 660




filter material


polyester coated filter




monocular filter area


10 square meters




single cylinder air volume





            filtration velocity



≤ 0.8m/min




backflush pressure of compressed air


5kg / m ~ 7kg / m




backflush interval


~~ 3min / times




backflush cycle






SLR blowing air consumption






backflush time


2 ~ 3s




pulse cleaning valve voltage






pulse form