The homemade coated filter in CWSY dust cartridge

Category: Company News Date: 2012-3-24 Source:

    The ChangWei companies use their own processing of air filtration material cartridge, since the market in June this year, in the dust, powder recycling industry has made good use of effects.
    Company's own processing air filter material for a coated-type filter, the main structure in the ordinary polyester fiber nonwoven filter layer (reinforcing layer) surface with a layer of very fine thin filter layer, so not only improves the filter layer of mesh barrier effect, but also the effect of reducing the load of dust between the fibers of the filter layer. If a small amount of dust through the filter layer, the dust quickly through the fibers were thicker reinforcing layer. So the dust does not stay in the filter layer. So that such a filter material in the large-capacity filter ultra-fine dust, a lot of dust blocking the surface of the filter layer, forming a dust filter layer, and greatly improve its filtering effect, while the filter surface is smooth smooth hit with mechanical cleaning effect, constantly to clean up the dust down, so this filter in the basic performance does not change the long-term use of filter ventilation.
    Developed on the basis of this filter dust cartridge capacity of dust effects than the ordinary common dust cartridge, such as common dust filter cartridges work in the fire dry powder or cement is not very fast blocked is leaking powder, while the dust in the use of this technology cartridge can work properly in this environment, compared to its service life in the same environment than ordinary dust cartridge length is taken for granted. , CWSY-processing filter is very suitable for use in the food industry powder pneumatic conveying, can solve the problem of congestion and emissions in the transportation of dust. To use CWSY such dust cartridge effectively improve powder recovery and dust removal effect, reduces the frequency of cartridge replacement, savings in production costs.