Changwei provide a variety of high-quality dust filter to meet fire safety, anti-oil, anti-static requirements

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    Flammable or with the characteristics of the spark conditions, we usually selected the Changwei fire retardant material, the filter is made by the pleated filter dust. The application of this dust filter equipment will gain access to cleaner air, longer life and lower operating costs. Under the same operating conditions, the Changwei fire retardant filter the initial filtration efficiency is greater than the general filter of 10 times. In the the precipitator cycle cleaning, surface load to eliminate premature dust filter blockage, and then promote this filter self-cleaning ability.

    Most of the filter surface treatment to improve filtering accuracy and improve the cleaning effect, reduce the running resistance but will not fundamentally change the physical and chemical properties as a basis for media, and still take full account of the filter itself, working conditions in the choice of filter adaptive characteristics.

    Long Viagra filtering technology as a leading supplier, and continuous R & D company, led by general manager Chen Haijiao and always provide excellent dust filter and system services CWSY dust filter materials is the Changwei always leading magic weapons .

    The surface of the filter media, post-processing will greatly affect the use of the dust filter performance and service life. The Changwei companies use nano-fiber surface coating technology is a major innovation in the world media surface treatment, which makes the the Changwei company has advanced filtration technology and filter dust, stable production and energy saving for the user to make an indelible contribution. Changwei nano fiber filter surface of the filter material, filter dust filter made of high precision, easy cleaning, the initial resistance and the running resistance is low and stable, can be greatly improved soot handling capacity, and therefore widely used in welding filter collection of dust generated in the cutting process, the effective protection of the host device, improve the working environment, the escort for high and stable yield.

    In the service field of air filtration, Changwei full range of filter dust, in addition to the above-mentioned fire retardant dust filter, the oil pollution prevention dust filter, anti-static dust filter and commonly used powder recovery filter dust is very convenient and practical. Recommends that users consult the choice of the correct filter and appropriate occasions to Changwei and equipment, reliable and cost-effective comparison in order to achieve the best goal of the industrial production.