Filter cartridge and spraying process of the indissoluble bound

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Dust filter cartridge with the application of spraying process known to the world, powder painting originated in the last century 40 to 60 s, until the ninety s due to the attention of the world environmental protection, powder coating for water and atmospheric no pollution and rapid development.

Spraying powder produced in dancing in the air the serious influence work environment, dust filter cartridge applications to solve the persistent ailment, on the one hand, to ensure the clean air environment, on the other hand is very good recovery the powder, let the raw materials can be repeated use. Therefore, dust filter cartridge application and environmental protection and energy saving.

Powder coating process of many prominent advantages and dust removal filter cartridge closely related:

1, a coating can get thicker coating, such as coating 100 ~ 300 μ m coating, with common solvent coating ?