When filter cartridge development become a kind of creative activity

Category: Company News Date: 2012-8-16 Source: www.cwlx.cn

ChangWei industry to "do the world first-class filtration technology and product supplier" for the enterprise vision, with air filtration technology as the foundation, and gradually to the oil filter, water filtration field development. At present, air filtration products is still ChangWei ace the best teacher, among them, the dust collector special filter cartridge and powder recovery filter cartridge with its efficient filtration performance and long service life and make ChangWei won a wide range of trust. These filter cartridge use effect is very good, can help you save a lot of cost of production and let you obtain the maximum working efficiency.

First of all, ChangWei of filter cartridge is very suitable for dust removal system performance requirement

If you are using ChangWei of dust filter cartridge, maybe you have to realize that we product performance very adapt to the requirements of the dust removal system, this is because ChangWei.