Affect how you select those elements of the dust cartridge

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Changwei brand dust cartridge for its high filtration resistance, long service life is known. Design through continuous improvement of the dust cartridge filter, folding, gluing the layers off the technology, the quality off guarantee quality Changwei cartridge.

● deal with the amount of wind on dust cartridge
The air volume dust removal equipment can purify the amount of gas volume per unit time, is one of the most important factor in the cartridge filter design. The air volume unit is cubic meters per hour (m3 /h) or hourly standard cubic meters (Nm3 /h).
Design or selection of the cartridge filter according to the amount of wind, generally can not make the dust collector to run in the case of exceeding the prescribed amount of wind, otherwise, the cartridge is easy to plug and shortened life expectancy, a substantial increase in pressure loss, collection efficiency should reduce; but they can not will be selected by the air flow is too large, otherwise increase investment in equipment and floor space. Reasonable choice for handling air flow is often determined according to the process and experience, therefore, this factor is very heavy dust cartridge selection effect.

● Select the appropriate dust filter cartridges need to pay attention to environmental temperature
For the cartridge filter, the use of temperature depends on two factors, first is the maximum temperature of the dust cartridge filter, the second is the gas temperature must be in the dew-point temperature. At present, due to the large number of the glass fiber filter selection, the maximum operating temperature up to 280 ° C higher than the temperature of the gas must take measures to cool the gas below the dew point temperature must be taken to mention temperature measures. Cartridge filter, the use of temperature and dust removal efficiency is not obvious, this is different from the electrostatic precipitator, ESP is, the temperature changes will affect the dust specific resistance of the collection efficiency.

● inlet dust concentration of dust cartridge selected great
Entrance of dust concentration, which is determined by the process of dust points, it is second only to deal with the air flow is also an important factor in the design or selection of cartridge filter. G/m3 or g/Nm3 said.
Cartridge filter, inlet dust concentration will directly affect the following factors:
(1) pressure loss and cleaning cycle. Inlet concentration increases, fouling and speed on the same filter area, pressure loss increases, the result is forced to increase cleaning times.
(2) cartridge and box of wear and tear. In the dust with a strong abrasive wear volume can be considered directly proportional to the dust concentration.
(3) in advance dust need. In advance dust in front of the dust collector at the entrance to add a dust removal device, also known as pre-dust.
(4) rows of gray ash capacity of the device. Ash ash device capabilities should be subject to discharge all accept the dust, the dust is equal to the entrance of dust concentration multiplied by the air volume.
(5)operating mode. The cartridge filter is divided into positive and negative pressure operation mode, in order to reduce the fan wear, inlet concentration should not be used positive pressure mode of operation.

● export dust concentration is an important indicator of the relationship between dust cartridge selection
Export dust concentration refers to the emission concentration of the dust collector, said that with the entrance of dust concentration, the size of the export of dust concentration should be subject to local environmental requirements or the requirements of users, the emission concentration of the cartridge filter can reach 50 g/Nm3 below.

● The pressure loss in the dust of the cartridge selection must consider
to The pressure loss of the cartridge dust refers to the export of gas from the precipitator imported into the pressure drop, dust cartridge or resistance. The pressure loss of the bag dust depends on the following three factors:
(1)device structure of the pressure loss.
(2) filter pressure loss. And the nature of the filter media (such as porosity, etc.).
(3) media piled on the pressure loss of the dust layer.

● operating pressure in the cartridge selection can not be ignored
The operating pressure of the cartridge filter device before and after the dust collector and fan static pressure value and its installation location, the design of the cartridge filter pressure value.

● Finally, you select the dust cartridges need to be considered is the filtration velocity.

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