How to replace the air compressor cartridge?

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The Air Compressor generating oily compressed air air, air will enter the air compressor cooler. The function of the air compressor filter cartridge are provided air by mechanical separation into oil and gas cartridge filter cartridge of the oil mist in the air interception and polymerized to form droplets concentrated in the bottom of the cartridge returns to the compressor through return pipe The lubrication system for the compressor discharge is more pure, high quality compressed air. From this we know, the role of the air compressor cartridge is removed from the compressed air in the solid dust, oil and gas particles and liquid substances commonly used cartridge in the device, air compressor air filter cartridge, oil filter cartridges, oil and gas separation filter cartridges, precision filter cartridges.

The air compressor cartridge is widely used and need to be changed frequently, the air compressor cartridge replacement elaborate.

The first step, remove the cartridge

The access cover to loosen or untie air compressor. As the filter cartridge is a tight fit in the out tube to produce the sealing effect, there will be some initial resistance, similar to separate the seal on the jar. Gently before, after moving the end portion of the cartridge is rotated to the separate sealed both straight pull it out, must not knock the filter cartridge housing.

The If your air filter cartridge with safety cartridge, in the third replacement of the main cartridge replace it. Like replacement the main cartridge that Cheung replace the security cartridge. Replacement must cover the outlet pipe of the air filter cartridge, in order to avoid any unfiltered pollutants fall into the engine.

The second step, both internal and external surface of the cleaning cartridge outlet pipe, check the the rubber dust exhaust valve.

The sealing surface with a clean cloth to wipe the cartridge and the inside of the outlet pipe. The contaminant may hinder an effective seal in the sealing surface and cause leakage. Ensure that all contaminants had been removed prior to insert a new cartridge. Any accidentally fell into the the □ pipe inside dust and foreign matter is sucked into the engine causes wear. Engine manufacturers believe that even a few grams of dirt may ruin an engine! Careful not to damage the sealing area on the tube.

The third step, Haka the old cartridge leaks signs

The visual inspection of the old cartridge for any signs of leakage. The inside of the filter cartridge and, if the dust formation of the stripe-shaped, indicate the presence of a leakage phenomenon. Before installing the new cartridge to rule out any cause leakage reasons.

The fourth step is to check the new cartridge for damage

The carefully check the new cartridge, attention to the inner side of the opening end, which is a seal region. Do not install damaged cartridge. New Donaldson radial seal cartridge sealing surface may have some lubricant to help install.

The fifth step, correctly insert a new radial seal cartridge

The first security cartridge is installed in place, and then carefully insert the cartridge. Before fastening lid, to ensure the cartridge full access to the air filter cartridge.

Note: The main seal area uniform adjustment and distribution of sealing pressure. In order to achieve a tight seal, hand pressure is applied to the central portion of the outer edge of the filter cartridge rather than soft (not to push the center of the end face of the polyurethane) If it is found that when the end cap of the installation cap collision cartridge, cartridge None in place by hand further push the cartridge into the empty left cartridge and try again cover should not be an additional force can cover.

The cover push the cartridge may be caused by a housing cover snaps damage, please pay attention to.