Dust cartridge in the coating equipment

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    Dust filter cartridges CWSY is an important component in the spray booth powder recovery system, the cartridge itself is good or bad quality will affect the overall recovery performance of the equipment, the quality of other components in the powder recovery system, the configuration will also affect the dust cartridge filtration efficiency and the life of the cartridge. The user to select the coating equipment dust cartridge should pay attention to what points? How should the right to use in order to achieve better results? The following is CWSY summarize the experience of the use of cartridge coating equipment.
    A. Wind speed of filtration efficiency
    CWSY paint dust cartridge 10 years, often part of the coating equipment to reflect: the newly completed not long after the powder spray booth exhaust outlet at the more obvious through the powder phenomenon, or at the pendant in the spray booth, powder everywhere flying; obvious overflow powder spray the work area, the plastic powder back to the bashing. "
    In the face of such problems, the customers' habitual responses are:
    A phenomenon through the powder to the cloth of pore size is too large, plastic powder and ran out;
    (2) to produce the phenomenon of overflow powder cloth aperture is too small to take the air capacity of less than.
    In fact, the pore size of filter cloth of course would be through the powder overflow powder to produce a part of the impact, but the dust cartridge filter is not a simple powder sieve powder principle in the design of powder spray booth, set a reasonable wind speed equipment operators is good or bad. key. Equipment operation, if the wind speed of airflow through the filter cloth is too large, will cause the pressure differential pressure increase, then part of the powder with too much pressure airflow to penetrate the cloth, was discharged into the duct, resulting in through the pink phenomenon.
    CWSY decades of research data show that the dust cartridge, the wind speed is doubled, the transmittance of powder to increase by an order of magnitude, the filter efficiency is reduced by a 9; wind speed reduced by half, the transmittance of the powder will be reduced by an order of magnitude, the filter efficiency add a 9, so a reasonable speed settings is a good or bad premise equipment operator.
    Over the years of observation of the powder spray booth summary CWSY recommendations: indoor emissions from the powder spray booth, the rate of airflow through the filter cloth should be set in the within (1.2m/s-1.5m/s); duct connected to the outdoor The emissions from spray booth, slightly larger, because the equipment manufacturers and users have opted for the outdoor emissions, equal also acquiesced to a small portion of the powder ran out directly discharged.
    Powder room has been completed ready, if produced through powder overflow powder phenomenon has been fixed fan is installed, the number of cartridge installation space can not be changed, then you can change a single cartridge filter area affect the filtration velocity, so as to improve the efficiency of the dust cartridge filter. Made of polyester fiber non-woven filter media cartridge, such as 325 * 600 of these specifications filtering the Changwei cartridge plant area (4.5m ²-10.2m ²) can be achieved. Customers according to the level of requirements by the size of the structure and filtration efficiency of the spray booth to choose to apply their own specifications of the cartridge, you use the cartridge is the best.
    Second, the clean-up powder cartridge filter efficiency and cartridge life
    The same specifications, the same filter cartridge, in different work environments, the dust cartridge filter efficiency and life there is a big difference. Cartridge during use, the ability to timely and effective cleaning cloth surface of the product powder is a good influence, the key of the cartridge filter efficiency and product life. Clean up the surface accumulation of dust cartridge powder coating equipment, the most commonly used method is to pulse the earthquake-struck, it is the use of compressed air through the solenoid valve instantly ejected from the valve, and the formation of an air acting on the cartridge medial on the surface of dust cartridge of accumulated powder cleanup. Factors that affect the cleaning effect of four kinds.
    1, pressure size. Pressure is too small is an absolute shock to fight not clean the surface of the cartridge product powder cartridge strength to withstand capability allows the shock to fight to pressure the bigger the better, the general painting equipment manufacturers are set to about 5kg of pressure, mainly considering limited the capacity of conventional cartridge on the market, able to withstand the pressure of (8-10) kg CWSY special material cartridge, shaking the cartridge structure will not be deformed off the cover, the cloth is not going to split tear .
    2, gas cleanliness. Compressed air into the solenoid valve of the gas will also affect the cleaning effect, if the gas contains water oil spill, oil and water will penetrate into the filter internal and pink plastic bonded together was a big pressure shock to play not filter cloth surface of the product powder, the powder spray booth, air compressor must configure the appropriate filter for oil-water separator.
    3 cartridges material. The dust filter cartridge itself, quality also affect the effect of clear powder, compared to domestic filter, import high-quality filter powder; compared to conventional polyester fiber filter cloth, filter clear powder effect of surface treatment more prominent, such as fabric surface of fluorine resin, and the cartridge with the oil water pollution function; PTFE coated fabric surface processing cartridge on the performance of the filter surface morphology, plastic powder does not will enter the filter inside the powder can be pulse shock playing the entire piece off.
    4 cartridges structure. The appearance of the structure of the cartridge can directly affect the effect of clear pink. Relatively traditional cylindrical cartridge, conical cartridge under the shape of the plastic powder in the playing of the pulse shock more easily. The bottom drain of the cartridge so that the shock to play down the powder to fall directly to the bottom of the powder room, small-diameter shallow fold away from the cartridge, it enables the play of the pulse shock airflow cloth outward expansion, crashing to the cloth surface of the plastic powder .
    In the process of using the powder spray booth if they were plastic powder to clean up not down, we must analyze to find out the reasons, and then solve the problem. Remember not to use a stick to beat cartridge surface, do not use water cleaning cartridge, because the beat with a stick will cause the cloth surface is damaged, the support network within the cartridge bending shrinkage deformation, will quickly cause the cartridge scrapped. Water cleaning cartridge (CWSY except for some products), we believe that this is the practice of self-deceiving, water is able to direct cleaning to the cloth surface of the plastic powder, but possession of small particles of dust in the filter fibers within the event the water will bonded into a paste, the adhesion between the fibers of the filter inside, this will cause the air flow cartridge is not enough resistance to increase, severely shorten the life of the cartridge, in principle, we do not recommend customers use water to clean cartridge.
    Above CWSY encountered some cases of customer response in the paint dust cartridge has encountered a problem to solve the problem, long Viagra in this regard will never be satisfied until you are satisfied.