Cartridge dust collector in applications

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    A. cartridge in the arrangement of the precipitator
    The installation of the cartridge dust collector in the general arrangement of the tilt (horizontal) and vertical arrangement of the two types cartridge tilt (horizontal) layout, cartridge assembly and disassembly, more suitable for the dust concentration is not high occasions.
    Cartridge vertically, can be divided into coat type and download two installation forms. Top entry is the cartridge down into the tubesheet hole board in the flower, and then fixed in the flower board. The Bottoms type cartridge is installed below the flower board up, and then fixed in the board spent. With Top entry, cartridge assembly and disassembly, the operator does not need to enter the dust collector cabinets operation. With downloading type, cartridge assembly and disassembly is very difficult, because the operator must enter the dust collector cabinets operation. The working environment is very poor. Cartridge vertical layout is more suitable for the occasions of high dust concentrations, the cartridge vertically pulse cleaning effect effects superior than the oblique (horizontal) layout.
    B. the choice of filter
    ① the choice of filter should first consider whether there is flammable or combustible dust. If flammable or combustible dust, they should consider the use of anti-static filter or take other measures to prevent electrostatic flash and an explosion.
    ② With environmental awareness on the dust emissions have become increasingly demanding (especially heavy metals such as dust, silica dust of serious harm to human health) so that it is necessary to select the filter surface of the filter, it is a kinds of microporous film composite filter media, with high filtration precision, easy cleaning, resistance, and stable operation.
    ③ If the ambient humidity, dust easy to absorb moisture or dust containing grease composition, consider the filter with oil, water, pollution function.
    ④ If the system may bring a spark should be used with a flame retardant filter, to avoid the cartridge to produce combustion (particularly in the process of welding smoke should pay attention to).
    ⑤ When the the precipitator imports dust concentration is very low, and the filtration velocity at a lower level (such as atmospheric dust, welding smoke treatment) could be considered to select the ≤ 180g/M2 the thin filter help to increase the filtration area and improve a single cartridge flow.
    ⑥ The working temperature: polyester-based filter operating temperature ≤ 135 ° C, polyester non-woven at 80 ℃ to 135 ℃, the stiffness will be substantially lower, so that the folded filter is easily pasted together, significantly reduce the air permeability, in this case, the product of my factory will take some special measures to enable the filter to keep the discount from the uniform, good air permeability.
    Choice of cartridge filter area
    The filter area is the effective area of ​​the cartridge filter commence.
    ① vertical cartridge arrangement, the cartridge higher the reduction in overall costs, the better. But the cartridge is too high, the cleaning will be more difficult, and the international community in general the longest cartridge is 2 m (I plant already has 2 m cartridge production equipment).
    ② the precipitator import dust concentration the higher the filter fold the number of optional fold wide choice lighter, that is, less filter area, which is more conducive to cleaning.
    Fourth, the choice of the filtration velocity
    Filtration velocity refers to the average speed of gas through the filter.
    For a cartridge filter and filtration velocity is generally 0.6 ~ 1.2m/min. The ideal filtration velocity 0.8m/min. When the dust concentration is high, we can consider to choose a lower filtration velocity, reducing the filtration velocity to improve the filtration efficiency of the precipitator, to extend the cartridge life, work resistance, and improve the ventilation performance. Precipitator cost has increased, but in some special circumstances, the filtration velocity of the cartridge filter optional 2m/min above.
    V. Venturi tube cartridge cleaning performance
    In the pulse-jet cleaning system is not installed venturi, compressed air directly from the injection tube orifice air flow is injected into the cartridge internal air flow into the cartridge in the cartridge upper part of the flow rate is the fastest. With this airflow, the continuing downward movement, and to spread around, and thus continue to reduce the flow velocity. Airflow, the faster the lower the pressure in the upper part of the cartridge to the formation of a zone of negative pressure, the pressure distribution from top to bottom increasing, so that the cartridge upper part of cleaning is not thorough, the lower part of the filter is easily damaged.