CWSY dust cartridge supplement

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    Changwei focused cartridge for more than 10 years, the national patent, relying on a number of core technologies the CWSY cartridge factory in the dust the top of the cartridge industry. Now we design of CWSY dust cartridge and use Notes to share with you.
    The Changwei produced the dust cartridge is based on fly ash, slag, stone dust, cement, chemical powder to powder like substance by the maximum diameter and adhesion role through the aperture, the design precipitator cartridge to cartridge aperture effect, and fully meet the filtering requirements of the powdery substance. That is, to meet the bulk car breeze into the breeze after you installed the product break up requirements, but also to ensure that the use of the powder material, no negative pressure in the warehouse.
    Main design features: CWSY series of dust cartridge filter area 24m2, small size, vibration cleaning, use of Japan's imports of filter material, standard spare parts, easy operation and maintenance, largely reducing the pollution caused by dust spills on the environment, meet the national environmental requirements, the necessary equipment for high-quality mixing station. The dust cartridge is mainly used in the silo installed various types of powder-like substances in the dust collector.
    CWSY dust cartridge before use and during use should be noted that some of the issues as follows:
    A pre-use check lines is smooth.
    Note ash before and after 2, bulk cement truck to the tank, open vibration for 2-3 minutes.
    3 cement tank alarm alarm, stop Note the gray, in order to prevent damage to dust processor.
    4 wind tone poor, you should check whether the dust filter clogging, such as blocked should be promptly cleaned.
    Cleaning cartridge should be first line bundle 2-3 Road to prevent flushing when the cartridge deformation.
    Cleaning cartridge to dry to install and use.
    7, after the cartridge after repeated cleaning, has reached the dust removal purposes, should be promptly replaced.
    CWSY customers trust the cartridge suppliers. Support made ​​all kinds of dust cartridge.
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