The cleaning of the dust cartridge

Category: Applications Date: 2012-7-5 Source:

    Two kinds of dust cartridge cleaning method: the first is the high pressure air blowback, in this way has the advantage of airflow uniform cleaning effect can be, but gas consumption; second pulse airflow injection, it isthe rapid expansion of the force and shake off the dust of the cartridge surface, use a signal to the solenoid valve control device pre-set parameters, instantaneous opening and closing the solenoid valve diaphragm, high pressure gas into the injection pipe, the use of gas approach has the advantage of this cleaningis the air consumption is small, energy saving, but the airflow is relatively weak.
    For the performance of the pulse gas injection mode, we recommend to make 2 improvements:
    Increase in the pulse-jet tube guiding device (such as the installation of the venturi tube) to strengthen the airflow induced, making the cartridge internal pressure evenly distributed, and will not cause the bottom of the air pressure too large resulting in the filter material expansion or rupture.
    2, the cartridge the upper diversion duct removed so that the pulse airflow, and the induced flow can enter the corresponding parts of the cartridge, so that to overcome the airflow if the shortcomings of the air distribution more uniform.
    Practice has proved that the improved cartridge cleaning system, cleaning effect compared with the improvement with less air consumption, and uniform airflow characteristics, and therefore CWSY recommended under the conditions allowed to use the cleaning device in the second improvement.