Cartridge has changed the history of the precipitator

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    Cartridge filter baghouse has a distinct advantage. Dust removal industry, bag filter has been applied since the 1880s has been the main force in the industry in recent years, the cartridge dust collector for its superior performance have an impact on the status of the baghouse. The cartridge filter is 1980s USA Donaldson baghouse on the basis of the production of a new type of filter, a new cartridge for the filter, it has a high efficiency, low resistance, maintenance management is simple, small, large filtration area per unit volume, compact structure, the replacement cartridge convenient, high-performance advantages. Currently have widespread applications in various industries at home and abroad. As the dust technology continues to evolve, especially the emergence of the new filter, cartridge dust collector's efficiency and economy and so beyond the traditional bag filter, and has broad prospects for development.
    The performance and characteristics of the cartridge filter
    1, the composition of the cartridge filter
    The cartridge filter has three parts, box, cartridge cleaning system.
    (1) Box is the shell of the precipitator, including the gas tank and ash bucket. Airbox to provide the required dust space, the rational distribution of favorable flow field, the ash bucket to collect the material of the filter down;
    (2) cartridge by the outer, inner and middle layer. Inner and outer layers are metal mesh (or hard plastic net), the middle fold of the filter. Cartridge using the characteristics of the filter layer of sub-micron ultra-thin fiber adhesion in the general media, on the adhesion between the fibers arranged very close, the gap 0.12 to 0.6um for using intensive folding, so that filter area is greatly increased. The great area of ​​the filter is the salient features of the cartridge:
    (3) cleaning system including the injection tube, electromagnetic pulse valves, air packs. When the cartridge surface area of ​​ash up to a certain thickness, it is necessary to carry out cleaning. Dusty air passes through a cartridge filter, and then discharged when the the precipitator resistance when the differential pressure set value or time settings from the differential pressure control device or time-control device to control the electromagnetic pulse valve, open the closed state of the electromagnetic pulse valve, the compressed air is directly injected into the cartridge center, its pulse cleaning.
    2 works
    Dust stream from the entrance into the dust collector box, in general, the gas from the outside of the cartridge into the larger particles of dust due to gravity, without the cartridge, the settlement directly to the ash hopper, or by the inertia force The role of collision to the cabinet side wall, down along the side wall deposition. Small particles of dust with the air flow through the cylinder, the gas in the dust particles are excluded from the export filter in the filter surface, clean gas.
    Accumulation of dust in the surface of the cartridge, the more resistance is also growing, reaches the set value or set the time, the electromagnetic pulse valve is opened, the compressed gas will blow the cartridge center air induction will also enhance the cleaning effect transient high-pressure gas cartridge surface dust blown off, pulse cleaning system in accordance with the order of the set in order to restore low resistance operation.
    3, the filtering mechanism
    The filtering mechanism of the filter are: the intercept effect, gravitational effects, inertial effects, diffusion effects, electrostatic effects.
    Blocking effect: the filter within the arrangement is complex and intertwined, the smaller the average pore size of the filter, the particle size greater than the filter pore size particles through the filter layer gap can not be blocked.
    Gravity effect: large particles of dust, gravity may unfiltered material directly settlement, or is attached to the particles of the filter due to the reunion, gravity increased by vibration from the filter.
    The inertia effect: the powder particles with the air movement, air Obstacle bypass dust due to the inertia deviate from the direction of air flow and hit the filter layer is collected, the greater the particle, the stronger the inertia force, the greater the possibility of being filtered down.
    Diffusion and electrostatic effect: the small dust hit the gravitational force between the surface of the filter layer of dust and filter to make it stick to the filter to be filtered down. Particle size smaller particles do the Brownian motion, colliding with each other, the small diameter of the particles collide with each other or friction with the media charged particles are attracted and trapping.
    Large particles of dust before several filtering mechanism plays a dominant primary particle size smaller after several. At the same time the role of a variety of filtering mechanism, so most of the dust will be filtered Precipitator efficiency will be higher.
    4, the technical characteristics
    Cartridge dust collector bag filter compared to the following characteristics:
    (1) The collection efficiency is higher. General micron dust collection efficiency up to 99.99%, part of the processing ability of the cartridge dust of particle size 0.5um to achieve this efficiency is even higher;
    (2) resistance. For ordinary powder, the cartridge dust collector resistance is less than 1000Pa, adhesion strong Fenlin, generally the largest resistance 1500Pa or so;
    (3) a wide range of inlet concentration. Ordinary polyester cartridge or folding cartridge can handle higher inlet dust concentration of air flow, imported dust concentration up to 250g/m3;
    (4) a wide range of filtration velocity. Different material from the cartridge filtration velocity, generally baghouse filtration velocity of lm / min. About the paper cartridge filtration velocity minimum 0.3m/min folding cartridge filtration velocity 2.4m/min;
    (5) washing performance. In addition to the paper filter, the other cartridge, such as polyester cartridge and coated cartridge general can use water to clean, to be dried can be reused;
    (6) the relative layout is more compact, space saving, easy to maintain.