Cartridge and bag in the precipitator

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cartridge and bag dust collector applications 
            1 cartridge filter material folded arrangement, the same volume of the filter area of ​​the cartridge can be done 30-40 times the bag filter area, If the dust filter area must then the use of cartridge precipitator structure more compact, and has considerably reduced the dust collector area and space. Cartridge than the bag has a higher efficiency of space utilization.
            2, folding cartridge filter arrangement makes a small space with very to the filter area, therefore, the filtration velocity compared with the bag can be lower, thus reducing the system resistance, operating costs are relatively low, the same time, the lower wind speed will also reduce the impact of airflow on the filter surface and extend the service life of the cartridge.
            3, cartridge easy to use, maintenance workload than the bag smaller. Better fixed integral cartridge than a soft bag for easy installation and maintenance, one person can easily removable, greatly reducing the maintenance workload. Transport of the bag is more convenient because of its small size, compression, lower transportation costs.
            4, the regeneration capacity of the cartridge than the bag stronger. Using a pulse, shaking or reverse air cleaning, and can easily make cartridge recycling, cleaning effect.
            to cartridge works in the dust collector
            Precipitator under the normal operation of the air with dust into the dust by the top of the entrance, then down through the cartridge by the dispersion of the deflector, dust is blocking the surface outside of the cartridge , filtered clean air through a cartridge center into the clean air chamber and discharged through the outlet pipe.
            In the cartridge cleaning process, the pulse controller connected to the power of an electromagnetic pulse valve, the diaphragm valve to emit pulsed high-pressure air, high pressure air from the inside to the outside through the cartridge , will be attached to the cartridge outer surface of the dust to remove dust particles fall into the dust bucket, and then enter a set of gray barrel.