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Dust filter with 3-plum ears

Dust filter with 3-plum ears - Application areas
The CWMH Dust filter with 3-plum ears for powder recovery is widely applicable to the powder coating industry, blasting equipment, painting and dusting equipment, environmental dust, metal dusting and other places.

CWMH Dust filter with 3-plum ears - Common Size (unit: mm)

Model outer diameter height of inner diameter total height under cover internal diameter filter area
CWMH-3260 325 600 215 610 0 6.5
CWMH-3266 325 660 215 670 0 7.0
CWMH-3290 325 900 215 910 0 9.0

Dust filter with 3-plum ears - common technical parameters
»Air penetration: 220m 3 / m 2 / hr.
»Filter paper weight: 240g / m 2
»Filter filter density: 3μ-5μ
»Filter initial resistance: ≤ 290pa
Note: The initial resistance refers to the clean air test of the filter resistance, excluding the resistance of the device

Dust filter with 3-plum ears - Design Structure
»Open Folding design
»100% high-tenacity polyester
»Top of the opening at the bottom of the back cover (can be designed to increase reduced the mounting holes)
»Core galvanization steel net component
»Seal with good elasticity, high strength, anti-aging, closed-cell nitrile rubber
»End plate with rust-proof, anticorrosive steel plate, plum three-ear chuck installed
»Adhesive quality imported water degumming, the cracking phenomenon

Dust filter with 3-plum ears - performance characteristics
»Choose the United States, Japan and other countries, the full synthetic high-strength polyester long fiber non-woven fabric material, the fibers were smooth tubular fiber cross-cutting, opening smaller, more evenly distributed, with a good filter performance.
»Polyester long fiber filter applications, filter not only has good acid and alkali resistance, higher filtration efficiency, running resistance, compared with conventional filter media, and its unmatched wear resistance and high strength, bursting strength, pulse-jet cleaning and easier cleaning, and water can be repeatedly cleaned, without damage the filter and prolong life.
»Tough and durable polyester filter media and anti-corrosion steel net support structure is a combination of outside the body and located to protect the glue line to make the filter more robust and not easily deformed.
»Folding of new open design increases the effective filtration area, and allows constant airflow through the surface barrier.
»Increased filtration area for two to three times lower pressure drop, filtration efficiency and extended service life compared with conventional filter bags.
»Quality filter, advanced production lines and superior testing equipment to ensure the quality of the filter.

Dust filter with 3-plum ears - Note
The Changwei dust filter, filter cover types are many, the structure and installation method is not entirely consistent, in order to more convenient services to new and old customers, the specific circumstances, please contact us, or contact customer service online.
In addition, a variety of special filter end cap, I can mold custom, welcome!

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