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Universal type dust filter

CWTY common dust filter - Applications
The filter for powder recovery widely used in powder coating industry, blasting equipment, painting and dusting equipment, environmental dust, metal dusting and other places to apply to the major OEMs supporting.

Universal CWTY dust filter - Overview
Universal CWTY dust filter according to the filter material is divided into A, B, C, D, four levels, different filter performance to meet different levels of powder recovery.
Filter as a whole is cylindrical, and C-level filter from top to bottom cover for the plastic filter cover on the other levels for the electrolytic plate or stainless steel plate stamping molding. C-level filter using the triangle sealing gasket and other levels of the filter with a flat tooth NBR seals. C-level filter using diamond mesh filter of the other levels of galvanized perforated metal mesh or stainless steel perforated metal mesh, CWSY all filter filter resin seal, with excellent tensile strength, impact resistance, ensure that no off cover , does not leak powder. CWTY dust filter installed three ribs, ribs Changwei proprietary material system, have excellent tensile deformation capacity, no rust, do not top off the mortgage to cover the advantages.
Universal CWTY dust filter is more general specifications of the market, there are already tens of thousands of production lines at home and abroad, such filter has a compact shape, a variety of height and filtration area of ​​the extension of choice, in the dust, powder recycling, air filtration and other fields has played an invaluable role.
CWTY dust filter according to their height can be 400mm-1250mm a variety of sizes, and some special applications useful to 2500mm high, our company can also produce. In accordance with its foreign economic size diameter of 150mm, 180mm, 230mm, 240mm, 280mm, 300mm, 325mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm and so on 10 kinds of commonly used specifications. The choice of a variety of specifications to facilitate equipment manufacturers, to tie itself to the size of the machine, the fan flow and equipment modifications margin to select a different filter, all filter both with the customer to install the inner diameter of the turn vane backflush device size (220mm)

CWTY commonly used foreign economic 325mm Standard Specifications

Model Specification
outer diameter
total height of
cover the inner diameter of
filtration area of ​​

common dust filter - Design Structure
»Wide and fold away design
»100% high-tenacity polyester
»Top of the opening at the bottom of the design reduced mounting holes
»Galvanization metal mesh components
»Imports of NBR rubber sealing tape
»High efficiency filter

common dust filter - performance characteristics
»Choose the United States, Japan and other countries, the full synthetic high-strength polyester long fiber non-woven fabric material, the fibers were smooth tubular fiber cross-cutting, opening smaller, more evenly distributed, with a good filter performance.
»Polyester long fiber filter applications, filter not only has good acid and alkali resistance, higher filtration efficiency, running resistance, compared with conventional filter media, and its unmatched wear resistance and high strength, bursting strength, pulse-jet cleaning and easier cleaning, and water can be repeatedly cleaned, without damage the filter and prolong life.
»Tough and durable polyester filter media and anti-corrosion steel net support structure is a combination of foreign body can be added to the glue line set up to protect the filter more robust and not easily deformed.
»Folding of new open design increases the effective filtration area, and allows constant airflow through the surface barrier.
»Increase two to three times the filter area to reduce resistance, improve the filtration efficiency and extended service life compared with conventional filter bags.
»Quality filter, advanced production lines and superior testing equipment to ensure filter .

common dust filter - Remarks
Long Viagra powder recovery filter types of filter cover a variety of structures and installation is not exactly the same, new and old customers in order to more convenient services to the specific situation, please contact us, or contact customer service online.
In addition, a variety of special filter end cap, I can mold custom, welcome!

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